As a pet owner, you want to know who is taking care of your furry loved one. After all, you wouldn’t trust your child with just any pediatrician, so you naturally want to learn about your pet’s veterinarian. Let’s meet the man behind the stethoscope at Groves Veterinary Clinic—Dr. Steven Groves—and get to know the special skills he has acquired throughout his years of veterinary practice. 

Dr. Groves: Lifelong student

Dr. Groves began his veterinary career when he attended the University of Florida for his undergraduate studies, and received his bachelor’s degree in animal sciences, graduating with honors in 2002. He continued at the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine, and graduated as a DVM in 2005. Since then, he has also gained his USDA certification.

Devoted to advancing the standard of care in veterinary medicine, Dr. Groves is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Florida Veterinary Medical Association. He  has also served as the president of the Charlotte County Veterinary Medical Association. Never satisfied with only one facet of veterinary medicine, Dr. Groves has had extensive experience in a variety of clinical settings, including emergency hospitals, private veterinary practice, and community animal shelter programs.

Dr. Groves: Orthopedic guru

Dr. Groves is dedicated to providing advanced orthopedic services to Port Charlotte-area pets, and has the skills to handle the most complex bone-related conditions. Orthopedic surgeries to repair broken bones, torn cruciate ligaments, and malformed patellas require specialized training, and not many general practice veterinarians have the extra education these advanced procedures require. 

Fortunately for pets in our area suffering from orthopedic conditions, Dr. Groves has undertaken extensive training in performing these specialized surgical repairs. In addition to general orthopedic care, such as osteoarthritis management, Dr. Groves can handle more complex conditions, including bone fracture repair, patellar groove replacement (PGR), and tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgeries. In fact, Dr. Groves is the only veterinarian licensed in Charlotte County to perform TPLO and PGR procedures.

Dr. Groves: Community leader

As a veterinarian, Dr. Groves took an oath to promote public health, and he has upheld that role in Charlotte County, making community involvement a priority. He played an integral role in  establishing the first spay and neuter program at The Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County. He also provides veterinary care for the Charlotte County sheriff’s canine unit, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation canine unit.

Dr. Groves: Dedicated veterinarian and family man

After learning about Dr. Groves’ many talents and community involvements, we dug a bit deeper, to see what makes him an incredible veterinarian. We cornered Dr. Groves in between puppy vaccination boosters and a complicated orthopedic procedure, and managed to wrangle out some answers to our burning questions. Here is our impromptu interview:

Question: What is your favorite part of being a veterinarian?

Answer: I am fortunate to be part of such a diverse and wonderful profession, with the ability to perform an exciting variety of medical services. Every day brings new opportunities, challenges, and experiences, and you never stop learning and evolving as a veterinarian.

Q: What is the hardest thing about being a veterinarian?

A: The toughest part is watching the emotional suffering of pet owners as they deal with an emergency. The financial toll of these situations can be devastating for many owners. Speaking for the profession, most of us did not enter this field to make money, but rather to fulfill a desire to help and treat animals. Unfortunately, medical care is not free, and we must charge for our services for our veterinary practices to sustain their overhead, and remain in business.

If I could give pet owners advice, it would be that when they get a pet, they need to be mentally and financially prepared for the possibility of an emergency, such as getting pet insurance, or creating a pet-care budget. There are few things worse for a veterinary team and a pet owner than knowing a decision about medical care came down to money.

Q: Tell us about your family

A: My wife, kids, and I have one dog, but my three boys would love a zoo of animals. My older boys love helping at the office, and want to go into various aspects of veterinary medicine in the future.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

A: My biggest fear is running out of snacks—a scary situation when you have three boys. 

Q: Name a few items on your bucket list.

A: I’d like to continue to add new services and equipment for our patients, particularly CT imaging and hip replacement surgery. I’d also love to take my family on wilderness adventures to hike, fish, and camp, and take an RV trip to various national parks.

When searching for a veterinarian to trust with your pet’s care, look no further than Dr. Groves. A highly skilled, experienced veterinarian, he can discuss your pet’s lifestyle-appropriate vaccinations, or repair their orthopedic condition. Call us to book your pet’s appointment with the best veterinarian around.