Forever in Our Hearts

Gentle and dignified end of life care.


When our clients are facing the serious illness or impending passing of their beloved pets, there are few words that can be said to offer comfort. Unique to Groves Veterinary Clinic is our comfort room which is a special place in the practice where clients can spend private, quality time with their pets in a close-to-home atmosphere during hospitalization or end of life situations. We know how important your time together is and want to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible. Comfortable seating, low lighting, television and a calm decor are just some of the amenities available to you in our comfort room.

Cremation Services

After passing, we do offer cremation services however you may take your pet with you to provide a home burial. It is only natural that many of us wish to follow the human model of burial or cremation to respect and remember our pet’s devotion. For cremation, you may choose either private or communal cremation.

Your pet alone is placed in the cremation chamber. Upon completion of the cremation, your pet’s cremains are removed from the chamber, processed and delivered to you in a carved wood box with brass floral inlay inside of a velvet rainbow bridge memorial bag. You will receive a cremation certificate along with a rainbow bridge poem card, gone but not forgotten flowering bookmark and a pet loss information guide.

With this option your pet is cremated along with other pets and the cremains are not able to be separated. You will not receive your pets cremains with this option.