Tara grew up in Wisconsin and has had an interest in animal care from a young age. After majoring in biology at The University of Wisconsin, she went on to St. Petersburg College earning a BAS in Advanced Clinical Veterinary Technology. Tara obtained her Veterinary Technician Certification by completing national and state board examinations. Her interest in animal care and strength in the study of science stimulated her to advance her career by becoming Certified in Veterinary Dentistry in 1999 and achieving Veterinary Nutritional Advisor status in 2010. In addition to 18 years in veterinary emergency and critical care facilities, Tara has completed an intense internship in holistic veterinary medicine. When she isn’t studying medical advances or spending time caring for patients, Tara enjoys sharing her time with her 11 year old twin daughters, as well as her Jack Russel mix Raleigh and Guinea Pigs Manly and Chewie.