Dental Care

Dental disease is the most common illness in dogs and cats yet often goes untreated. Dental disease is now linked to liver, kidney and heart disease thus showing the importance of good oral health. Many pets suffer from chronic pain due to gingivitis, periodontal disease, broken teeth and abscesses. Age, breed, anatomy, diet and oral care all contribute to a patients susceptibility to dental disease. Signs of dental disease may include bad breath, discolored teeth, gum redness and swelling, loose or missing teeth, change in eating behaviour and swelling around the muzzle or jaw..

Groves Veterinary Clinic recommends twice yearly examinations during which we will complete a comprehensive oral evaluation to determine your pets dental health care needs. Dental cleanings, under general anesthesia, for adult dogs and cats is recommended. In addition to twice yearly examinations and cleanings as recommended by Dr. Groves, you can help promote good oral health in your pet by feeding a hard, kibble-type pet food, providing appropriate dental treats, brushing your pets teeth and using water additives.

Groves Veterinary Clinic offers free dental examinations and dental home care instructions with a veterinary technician, call 391-5251 to reserve your pets free visit today.

Client Testimonials


I couldn't be happier with the treatment Rooney has received from Dr. Groves and his staff. In September Dr. Groves removed a cyst from Rooney's lower eyelid and did a fantastic job. I expected him to have a small scar from the surgery but there is none. I highly recommend Groves Veterinary Clinic.


Rod English