Advanced Orthopedic Surgery

Constructed with safety and comfort in mind, our state of the art surgical suite provides for the performance of an extensive variety of general and advanced surgical procedures. We have multiple anesthesia monitoring equipment allowing us to monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygenation level and blood pressure. In addition, our surgical suite is furnished with a heated surgery table, human surgical lighting and many human grade instruments. The advanced orthopedic surgical procedures performed at Groves Veterinary Clinic are listed below:

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Insufficiency

Cranial cruciate ligament tears are commonly equated to ACL tears in humans. Commonly occurring in young and middle-aged large breed dogs, surgical intervention is often needed to return the pet to normal function. The knee is a joint held together by a series of ligaments, the strongest being the cranial cruciate ligament located inside the knee joint. The cranial cruciate ligament is responsible for maintaining stability of the joint and preventing backward sliding of the femur on the tibia. Constant stress paced on the knee joint eventually leads to complete are partial tearing of the ligament thus leading to sudden debilitating lameness, intermittent limping, or mild limping or stiffness that progressively becomes worse. There are multiple procedures that are available to treat this injury and at Groves Veterinary Clinic we make recommendations on a case by case basis.

Dr. Groves has successfully performed many cranial cruciate ligament repairs including; tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) and lateral suture/extracapsular stabilization. His recommendations are based on the following criteria: medical history, age, weight, breed, activity level of the patient and anatomy of the knee.

Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)

The TPLO is an advanced procedure which stabilizes the knee by leveling the tibial plateau allowing the femur to sit firmly while the leg is in motion. During the TPLO procedure, the surgeon will make a curved cut in the top of the tibia and rotate the segment to level the slope. A plate and screws are applied to hold the tibia in this position and allow for the bone to heal. Recovery following TPLO surgery often occurs more rapidly and patients are able to return to normal function much sooner in comparison to other surgical methods . In our experience, patients will begin walking within 24 hours following surgery and begin weight bearing on the operated limb in less than five days. Additionally, the TPLO results in better range of motion and less arthritis long term versus other surgical methods.

When selecting a TPLO surgeon, it is important to consider experience and verify licensure. In order to perform the TPLO, the veterinarian must receive advanced training and become licensed. Dr. Groves is one of only a hand full of TPLO licensed veterinarians in Southwest Florida.

Extracapsular Cranial Cruciate Ligament Stabilization

Extracapsular stabilization involves stabilizing the stifle by placing a non-absorbable suture material around the lateral fabella and through a hole in the tibial crest mimicking the pattern of the cranial cruciate ligament. The suture typically provides only temporary stabilization and may loosen over time.

Other advanced orthopedic surgical procedures:

Patellar Luxation Repair

Coxofemural Luxation Repair

Sacroiliac Luxation Repair

Osteochondritis Repair

Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy(FHO)

Mandibulectomy & Maxillectomy

Bone Biopsy

Limb Amputation

Fracture Repair utilizing external fixation, bone plating, intramedullary pinning, cerclage wiring and lag screw placement.

For the safety of your pet and to achieve the best possible outcome following surgery, it is important to consider the surgeons experience. Dr Groves does accept referrals from other veterinary practices for his advanced orthopedic surgical procedures.

If Referred from Another Veterinary Practice

We believe in the team approach and that your family veterinarian is an integral part of that team. Your relationship with your family veterinarian is an important one and our goal is to act as an extension of their clinic to complement their care. They will be updated on your pet's visit to enable them to continue to provide the best health care for your pet.

Client Testimonials

"  have 3 dogs that I have rescued over the past 3 years. I have been to many clinics in the past and I would like to take this opportunity to express how professional and caring you and your staff are. The dogs Spud, Mimi and Benji have been through a lot in there short lives. They are very scared when I take them to the Vet clinics. Your clinic was very different for them. The atmosphere made them comfortable and made my visit much more pleasant. Your understanding of animals and how to make them feel at ease was amazing. I would recommend you to everyone I know with animals. I felt the cost of the visit along with the dedication you and your staff put forth was well worth every penny. This was our first visit to you and as long as you will accept my family I would be honored if you will care for them. Thanks again and it was a blessing that we found you. "